Gospel Wakefulness

I recently read Jared Wilson’s latest book, Gospel Wakefulness,  and I think it is a must read for any Christian – that we might long to revel in or obtain that wakefulness as we move through sanctification. That we might be so astonished by the truth of Christ’s work on the cross that we are routinely and thoroughly “tickled.”

Last week I was having a conversation with a leader in our church and he asked me how I would answer a question about righteous living, essentially why should we and how can we live holy lives. I answered “through the gospel,” and his now familiar expression of exasperation showed on his face as he retorted “but we need to give them more than salvation, they need practical steps.” Now I am not completely against being practical with our faith, but I truly believe by dwelling on the truth of the gospel our lives will shift and we will live righteously in response to the news of Christ. It is powerful for salvation and for living. This interaction not only made it clear to me the mindset I interact with daily but the hope I have that I can share my wonder of the gospel with those I lead or serve with. I pray for a gospel wakefulness epidemic!

Wilson unpacks a lot of what this means in a recent interview with Desiring God. If you have the time, watch it and think about your own “wakefulness.”

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