Taking Submitting too Far…

Russell Moore has written a good piece on women submitting to men, when they shouldn’t. It is worth a read.

Submission to a right authority always means a corresponding refusal to submit to a false authority. Eve’s submission to the Serpent’s word meant she refused to submit to God’s. On the other hand, Mary’s submission to God’s word about the child within her meant she refused to submit to Herod’s. God repeatedly charges his Bride, the people of Israel, with a refusal to submit to him because they have submitted to the advances of other lovers. The freedom of the gospel means, the apostle tells us, that we “do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” (Gal. 5:1).”

2 thoughts on “Taking Submitting too Far…

  1. My wife wrote a book titled Submission Is Not Silence which goes into great detail on this subject. We would be glad to provide you a complementary copy. If you would like one please provide a mailing address. You may be interested in the website: SubmissionIsNotSilence.com.

  2. I wonder why the men have not jumped in to give an opinion of this article, like they always do on a blogs about wives submit and wives respect. I guess this is one article that doesn’t beat women down, so the men are confused and lost. Men are so used to haveing articles that scold and blame women.

    Where are those cruel talking, women marriage counselors who have their own sites that they beat up women on. You all know which ladies I speak of. They are the so called Christian women who tell women that their husbands’ sins are their fault.

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