Shall we have unity?

In so many contexts I see first hand how the lack of unity leads to a lack of vision, continuity and eventually chaos. In the church – and across those that claim Christ – unity is something we should be pursuing, after all it is what Jesus prayed for. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has this to say of unity:

“The starting point in considering the question of unity must always be regeneration and belief of the truth. Nothing else produces unity, and, as we have seen clearly, it is impossible apart from this.”

He further indicates that we must share agreement on submission to revealed truth (versus our own thinking), the reality of sin in our lives and the world, and Christ as our substitutionary atonement for sin.

Our culture says we should unite for other reasons (peace, charity, good manners) but I think Lloyd-Jones has a better idea why.

HT: Kevin DeYoung 

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