Beyond Comfort

Do we pursue comfort more than we pursue Christ? I think I can be guilty of that in my life and in focusing on my own comfort I refuse to bring Christ to the places of tension and difficulty around me.

Heather Zempel has some terrifically insightful words that we should heed. “In some strange turn of the tide, it seems that Christians often persecute themselves these days. We flee from the potential pollution of “the world,” sequester ourselves and the Gospel inside the walls of our safety bubbles and render ourselves impotent and ineffective. We stop doing things that are hard because we fail to realize that significant things are always hard. We seek peace instead of taking the Prince of Peace into turbulent places. We pray prayers that revolve around our comfort and stability. The Comforter isn’t needed unless we are in uncomfortable places.

“In the movie Luther, the reformer declares, “I’m not interested in people’s comfort, I’m interested in the truth.”

“Growth requires pressure, stretching, training, and discipline. Growth hurts, throws us into disequilibrium, and threatens our security.”

Zempel goes on to ask herself questions that retrain her thinking – how am I praying? How can I grow through pain? I am led by the Spirit? I have been challenged to preach this tom myself and I hope your will be as well.

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