The Challenge of Ministry is in Missing the Point

“Go and make really comfortable nominal Christians…” These were not Christ’s words to the disciples but as I look at what we do in modern Christianity it seems like we would have prefered them to the actual great commission of going and making disciples.

Being in full-time ministry for the first time is eye-opening, disconcerting and so hopeful all at the same time. I am coming to learn that ministry is so exhausting and difficult because pastors are forced to deal with so many things that really don’t matter. The question is, how do we lead in a way that incites the things that do matter?

It is in proclaiming the gospel thoroughly so that the people you lead are hungry for more. It is showing an honest response to the gospel in our longing to see others saved and be part of Biblical community devoted to deeper maturity in Christ (being those disciples he spoke of.) This is in contrast to a focus on the tertiary things of ministry, finding friends, liking the music, being physically comfortable in church…

We are astonished by what Christ has done on the cross and because of it we live to see others become astonished. That is “basically the basic” and it is so essentially primary to the church’s work that anything less is tragic. Shall we be about this..?

3 thoughts on “The Challenge of Ministry is in Missing the Point

  1. This lines up with the Charles Spurgeon devotion today. When we are fully aware of the filth that we are mired with – the degradation of our sin- and when we understand that we have a God who willingly takes that filth on Himself and cleanses us completely, we owe it to Him to strive for maturity in Him, knowing the Word and using it as the guide to our everyday lives. And then we have the bonus to share these amazing truths with others!
    It’s time for the body to grow up – to be “trained” by those in spiritual authority over us and to no longer need to be “babysat” by them.

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