The second age of open-air preaching?

We have been seeing a lot of energy behind renewed emphasis on open-air preaching as of late. For some (like the church I attended in Portland) this means holding services in a park for others this means the work of evangelism in the public square. When we think of open-air preachers what usually comes to mind is not compassionate, reasoned people but I think the tide is changing. Have you encountered healthy and winsome open-air preaching in your context? SHould you be the one to bring it?

2 thoughts on “The second age of open-air preaching?

  1. I think this is a great thing that this resurgence in open air preaching is happening. It is such an effective way to share the gospel to large groups of people quickly and biblically. IF our country is ever going to turn around (not that our country’s prosperity is my prime concern, my prime concern is being obedient to God) it is going to take a grass roots movement of dedicated Christians living like Christ, which includes sharing the gospel often and with anyone.

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