I wish I could forget who Pat Robertson was…

Please read Russell Moore’s take on the recent, and foolish, comments by Pat Robertson suggesting a man is without fault that divorces his Alzheimer’s stricken wife. Dr. Moore is not gracious but more so than I would be and he reminds us of the reality of the gospel. Moore says that “we must train up a new generation to see the gospel embedded in fidelity, a fidelity that is cruciform.” And I agree.

Sadly, many of our neighbors assume that when they hear the parade of cartoon characters we allow to speak for us, that they are hearing the gospel. They assume that when they see the giggling evangelist on the television screen, that they see Jesus. They assume that when they see the stadium political rallies to “take back America for Christ,” that they see Jesus. But Jesus isn’t there.

Jesus tells us he is present in the weak, the vulnerable, the useless. He is there in the least of these (Matt. 25:31-46). Somewhere out there right now, a man is wiping the drool from an 85 year-old woman who flinches because she think he’s a stranger. No television cameras are around. No politicians are seeking a meeting with them.

But the gospel is there. Jesus is there.

I have witnessed this sacrificial love first hand in how my Grandfather cared for my Grandmother. Pat Robertson misses the point, I pray the rest of us won’t…

2 thoughts on “I wish I could forget who Pat Robertson was…

  1. Good post, J.

    Even in through a more secular lens this is still a ridiculous statement… “Till death due us part” not “till your mental disease cripples your reality”.

    PS I met a crazy cat loving, church going, bible thumping southern old lady today at Petsmart. I smiled 🙂

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