What is the church known for?

My wife related a funny (actually sad) story to me the other day. A young lady was in Asia for work and while in the hotel bar she had a conversation with a guy there for the same reason. As it turns out the guy goes to the same church as she does – but she only found this out after he had quite a bit to drink and was with all probability drunk. I doubt it was the foreign liquor that took him by surprise…

What shall our church be known for? Is it a place that in our desire for relevance becomes known for the parties its members throw or will it be a church that is known for the vision of Christ it holds? As we stand within our culture we have to ask, what is the difference?

While the party life might not play much of a role in my context, what else remains that is no different than the culture our church is ministering to? Are we just as confused by morality for morality’s sake or are we devastated by the reality of Christ’s work in our lives? It all comes down to what the church is known for…

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