Too much reality for our own good…

CNN has an interesting piece on the reality of reality TV and hints at the fact that as viewers we are drawn to conflict and often the ugliest kind (that which tears relationships apart.) Think Jon and Kate or any other reality stars whose ratings soar when there is tension versus the ‘steady-as-she-goes’ imagery of 1950 or 60’s sitcoms. Has the American audience simple awakened to their depravity and determined to seek out hatred and back-stabbing for entertainment? Maybe it is not that dramatic but instead a subtle reminder that we have a nature (as humanity) that is attracted to tension, unhealthy tension.

This is not a “watch what you watch” post where I tell you to turn off the TV (which is not a bad idea) but rather a gentle call to discernment in entertainment. As Christians we figure that since there is no sex or blood the reality shows are fair game, but are they just honing in on the worst part of our nature and should we pursue other things? Perhaps…

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