As the Deadline Approaches

I set a deadline for myself to finish a paper for a summer class. It is a breezy 20 pages on the Millennial generation and why they might be drawn to neo-Reformed theology (I know it sounds like a great read!) It was never clear when the paper is due since it was for a summer intensive class but I determined that it had to be done before I go off the grid on a camping trip all of next week. A week ago I moved three hours East of Portland and started a new job but this paper loomed, waiting for me to tackle it. And I have. With a few more edits today it will be in the professors inbox this evening and I can put a period on the summer semester. It might not be my best work but I certainly learned a lot about Millennials in the process and this is a good thing since I direct young adult ministry.

This has me thinking of how I cram in other things just to accomplish them in the midst a busy life. Is this Bible study, prayer, relationships? We live in an environment that allows for great multitasking and rapid work, but in what areas should we slow down and be intentional and contemplative? Thinking through this today – among the busyness of ministry!

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