What have we learned?

I work with young adults and happen to be one myself so I see in others and have personally experienced great change in my life and the way I think over the last decade. Brett McCracken (everyone’s favorite hipster Christian) has created a list of the 10 things he has learned since freshman orientation at college and it is worth a read. He list things like; “Christianity is big,” “Reading for pleasure is awesome,” “Technology is a mixed bag” and “Christians can learn a lot from heathens.”

I imagine we all could make a similar list at all stages of our life. For me over the last decade I have learned that I am intrigued by theology, I am not as smart as I once thought and that my wife is much wiser in so many areas of life! What would your list of things learned look like?

Never stop learning, never stop pursuing Christ and growing  in your faith.

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