It only takes an ember…

I have been thinking through how a gospel movement can move to the next level – whether in a church, a family or even an individual life – and I am struck by the imagery of embers.

Embers are where the fire begins and a few well stoked embers can become a raging fire consuming its environment. The gospel proclaimed well is even more influential than embers but the results can be the same.

I want to be a person that stokes the embers and see inclinations toward Christ turn into raging passion for him.

One thought on “It only takes an ember…

  1. ME TOO, Jonathan. Let this be a prayer for us as disciples of Christ. This raging passion in response to God’s perfect love expressed through Jesus is really too much to contain. It’s too wonderful, too vast, too great to NOT proclaim. How could I NOT desire for everyone to know Jesus?

    Sometimes I feel like the flame in my heart is so intense that I can’t even breathe. My insides feel like are bursting when I think about Christ. I literally feel like I have mini heart attacks when I have the realization over and over again about how amazing God’s grace is. This by itself boggles my mind because I know that my understanding is miniscule. It does not surprise me that God could only show his back Moses – His glory is just too much to handle. Luckily, the Holy Spirit only gives me as much as I can handle (but often its still too overwhelmingly wonderful!).

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