From Washington to Washington…

One year ago on the 17th of June, the Shradars closed on our house and headed West on a journey to Portland where I would begin seminary. It has been a fascinating year of transition, new friendships, a church we love, challenging classes and part-time work. When we moved the objective was to get through school and then look for a ministry job and we were in no hurry.

Until last month.

A professor at school was approached by a pastor looking for a young adults director at a church in Eastern Washington and he could only think of me. After some prayer and discussion, Stacy and I decided to at least go through the process to learn from it but the process kept going and this last weekend we visited Bethel church in Richland, Washington.

The leadership, staff and members of the congregation we met were gracious and welcoming and the church is a healthy, vibrant community. It became clear as we worked through meetings and interviews that this might be the place God would have us put down some roots and be in ministry.

While there are still a few steps in the process and documents to sign, it looks like we will be moving to Richland and get to work in August. God has again shown his faithfulness and provision in our lives and I am eager to work alongside some amazing people at Bethel (and finish my studies at Western while in ministry!)

Please join us in praying for the transition (Stacy has posted some requests here) and I will work to keep you all up to date as we finalize the next chapter in our lives!

8 thoughts on “From Washington to Washington…

  1. Hey Jonathan, have yet to meet you but have heard you were in our neck of the woods/desert. Looking forward to meeting you soon and will be praying for you and the fam during this transition.

    Tim Phillips (Bethel West Pasco, Campus P)

  2. woohoo – now Stacy can just make that Ethiopian recipe instead of e-mailing it my way! 2 days till we leave….


  3. OK Jonathan;wondering about that tattoo on your back. We may have to reconsider…just kidding. We are so very excited about what God is doing. Can’t wait for you and Stacy to join us in our nice oasis~~!! Linda B

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