Only believe…

I am working on a sermon for Door of Hope (the 26th of June) and am letting the texts speak to my heart and my trust in the sufficiency of Christ.

I am comparing stories of provision in the bible and in the New Testament text Jesus makes clear our foundation in response to a question of what we must do to be doing the “works of God.” His statement is, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” That is it, he doesn’t build on this theme with 3 steps to perfection or other things we must do. Only believe in the one God sent. Jesus is saying that they must believe in him, he is their provision and hope, alone.

The people will go on to ask for signs and more evidence, I think we still do this today, but the clearest evidence will come once he provides his own body as a sacrifice for them, and us. The truth of the text – of the whole Biblical narrative – is that Jesus is enough for us.

I know that I fail at this realization all too often and formulating a sermon and applying that to lives is forcing me to wrestle a bit with how “only belief” functions in my life. I know and want to live like Jesus is truly enough for me…

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