My parents are drug dealers…

Some of the drugs in question

So the title may be misleading. My folks don’t actually make any money off of drugs and they tend to just drop off vitamins and the basics to majority world nations but they will have suitcases full of the stuff when they head to Haiti this weekend.

Living mission for my parents means opening their home to their community and loving those around them, but it also means the occasional jaunt to Haiti to spread that love. My parents have been going to Haiti long before the earthquake and they have a heart for the people who are living in such desperation. I am so proud of the life they are living by being on mission.

For a week my Dad will stop worrying about the leak in his pool and worry along side those that have no clean water to drink – it is an important change of perspective that reminds of God’s blessings.

Will you join me in praying for Bob and Bib Shradar, that they, and the team they are leading, would be good reflections of Christ in a broken place. Thanks.

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