Church Planters Make Good Friends

In moving to Portland last year it felt like we were taking on the unknown and landing in an environment starkly different that what we had experienced. But one person that made the transition easier with his friendship and hospitality was Brian Becker, pastor of Hopecity Church.

Brian and I shared a few twitter followers and he was inspired by a book written by my former pastor so we felt like there was enough in common to hang out. And there was more than enough in common. Brian and his wife Jenn have a tremendous heart for Portland and specifically for neighborhoods that churches having been running from. They decided to follow God’s call instead of comfort and security and their lives and ministry have been a great challenge to Stacy and I. They are truly great friends. If you are looking for a church planter to bless with money and prayers, Brian is your man!

Brian has just posted some thoughts about being surrounded by people who build you up and encourage your growth – and while I am humbled that he included me in his list he raises an important question for all of us. Who are we surrounded by – who are we investing in and how are they investing in us?

Brian say “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your destiny” and this is true. I have attempted to champion mentoring and living in gospel community and it boils down to being surrounded. We were made for community and the challenge and accountability it brings. We are also called to pursue God in community – Christ prayed for our unity in him and unity requires community.

Who are you surrounded by?

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