Sanctifying Ambition

I have had a lot of ambition in my life. I wanted to be the best this, the highest paid that and influence, oh man did I want influence. But those things were driven by an ambition that was all about me. Dave Harvey’s Rescuing Ambition challenged both the idea that ambition is a bad word and what should be the source of our ambition.

While God is glorified in our sacrifice he is also glorified when we ambitiously pursue him and the spread of the gospel. Much like most of the Biblical narrative when it come to ambition God is concerned about our hearts – our motivation. If I desire to be a pastor for my own glory this is ambition gone wrong, but should I rightly order my life in light of the gospel, I want to pastor to see others become mature in Christ and share their faith with a broken and hurting world.

This book seemed to speak to a number of thoughts I have been processing lately. I appreciate when a book can challenge me in the midst of processing life and Harvey’s insight was well worth it. From issues of choosing a church body to being willing to take risks and following the next generation of leaders, each chapter had some solid nuggets to contemplate then live out.

I still have a long way to go to see my ambition completely sanctified but I am thankful for this book’s encouragement in the right direction.

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