You don’t always get the gift you wanted…

If you are anything like me I am sure you have experienced the feeling, getting a gift that was not what you expected and just maybe wishing you received your expectation instead.

For the record this has never happened with any gifts given by my wife, family or any of your reading! But there has been times that I have let my imagination run and dream up all kinds of great gifts to be surprised by what I actually get. I think we do this a lot with conversations as well. The boss says he wants to talk, you dream it is about that raise (or getting fired for those pessimists out there) or the new fancy title but it turns out he wants to compare notes on the recent Husker game.

This also happens in the church. We dream of great gifts that will bring public acclaim but  seem to only be given “behind-the-scenes” type ministries. While this often reveals corruption of our ambitions (which should be another post all together) it is our response to receiving that gift that we should think through.

If I am pursuing God’s glory and not my own I am more comfortable with serving and using any gift given to me and I do it not for acclaim but out of obedience. I may continue to pray for other gifts but I must learn to be content with what I am entrusted with and make a gospel difference where we are.

We must embrace the gifts we are given and play our part in the body of Christ with passion and enthusiasm (unless you don’t have the gift of enthusiasm!

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