Should your perspective pick your Bible?

Fascinating news out of Fuller Seminary that they have selected the new Common English Bible as the official translation of the school. Was is interesting is not that they chose this translation but why they chose it.

“One of the major draws for the CEB was its gender-inclusive language, according to members of the Bible translation committee at Fuller.

“We wanted something that was an academically excellent translation from Greek and Hebrew, and one that reflected our strong position regarding women in leadership,” Dr. Joel B. Green, professor of New Testament Interpretation and one of the committee members for Bible translations at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., told The Christian Post.”

I am fully supportive of translations that are accessible to a wider readership (NIV is great for this) but I wonder if we should be choosing a translation primarily because it matches our views. It sounds like putting the cart before the horse.

I also am indifferent to some extent on women in leadership but shouldn’t we allow the text to inform us rather than our perspectives inform the text? Arguments could be made that cessationists prefer the NASB because it seems to be anti-Charismatic so both sides of the spectrum are guilty.

How should we choose our translation? I suggest we stick with those that most closely follow the original languages and while they may present some passage that are difficult to understand we must remain faithful to the scripture as it was written.

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