The Pastor and Politics

If you are a pastor – stay out of politics. This is a word I need to hear constantly, not quite as often as I need to hear the gospel but close!

You see I lived the life of politics for a long time. I made a great salary because of politics and there were moments when I felt like political movements could make a difference. But the gospel is more vital and fulfilling than politics any day. I grant that we need responsible politicians and even more responsible press to keep an eye on them, but for those in ministry politics should be treated like infidelity.

This is not to say that pastors can’t have political convictions – I know I at times twitch with political angst, but when you share that from the pulpit you are robbing your people of the gospel and distracting them from mission.

Justin Taylor has highlighted an exchange between Billy Graham and another fundamentalist leader on avoiding politics. Billy didn’t take the advice and today regrets is, perhaps we can head the advice a little better…

I know that the temptation to get into the political fray will remain and at times we might join the pointless conversation but let’s purpose to keep the main thing the main thing.

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