Huskers and Jesus

It turns out even the Christian Post is not immune from covering the NFL draft and as a loyal Husker fan this recent piece on Prince Amukamara gave me a smile.

Ron Brown – an assistant coach long known for his faith and openness to sharing it – gave Amukamara some thoughts on being Biblically grounded once he was in the NFL. “‘Get yourself involved in a Bible study. Get yourself around accountability – fellow brothers in Christ. Get yourself around people who love the Scriptures, who love God. Find a church home and people who will help you manage your life in the name of Christ. That’s what will maximize your career, your money, your platform. Then turn it into something special.’”

Amukamara is not only a star athlete but a humble young man. “Our team chaplain reminded us recently that there was a lot of attention on John the Baptist,” Amukamara told Thiessen [an FCA leader], “but he kept his focus on Christ and said, ‘He must increase, but I must decrease,’ (John 3:30). Rather than being focused on himself, he demonstrated humility. As a team, we have talked about the value of humility. Proud people want recognition, the humble want all the glory and honor and recognition to go to the Lord.”

Read the whole story here.

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