Vacation With Not From Your Church

Bob Hyatt is a local pastor that is setting off on a season of sabbatical but unlike most academics and pastors that have the opportunity to take time off, he is sticking around.

While he is handing over the responsibilities of vocational ministry to his team, he intends to be there on Sundays and still remain in community with the church. He captures his heart with the phrase “one of my desires was to help build and pastor in a community where I felt like I could take a vacation WITH the people I was in community with, not FROM them.”

Vacation for those in ministry often means “get away” time from the job side of ministry and often the people we minister too. Hyatt says there is a right time for this as it is important for alone and family time but the essence of being in community to such a point where you can remain among the people should be our goal in ministry.

Far too many of us say we want ministry like this. We call for ministry as life and “true community” but our actions reveal our reality and we never live up to our own hype. Just yesterday I had a lengthy discussion with a pastor about the definition of community and we were on dramatically different sides of thought. We have let culture influence our definitions, and the way we vacation or take sabbatical too much.

I appreciate what Bob Hyatt is modeling and I pray that I can be a pastor as dedicated to my community as he is and I pray he gets the rest he deserves.

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