Conversations that Refresh

Every week at Community Group we have someone share their life story. This helps us tell our story better as we can use it for evangelism sake and it also allows us to truly know each other. In a culture where it is far too easy to show up for a couple of services but never actually live with people in community, the act of telling your story can help to create some of the community we miss.

Last night since we are nearing the end of a group semester we had a number of life stories to get through so we spent the whole evening hearing about God’s redemptive action in each other’s lives. There were stories of continued grace and love, and stories of heartbreak before restoration. But in each of these stories we found the gospel and encouragement.

As group ended I found myself refreshed and thankful for what was accomplished on the cross. This night was full of conversation that refreshed my soul.

I talk about Jesus all day and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do that – but I notice that the theory and studies can do nothing to recharge me in comparison to the stories of the people around me.

While we spend hours discussing politics, crime, fashion, the royal wedding, marriage, children, the weather – which of these is refreshing to us? Do you have conversations that refresh you?

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