We are not in Chocolate City anymore…

Fascinating (or rather depressing) numbers coming out of the 2010 census. It turns out Portland is the “whitest” large city in the U.S. and when you move here you can feel it.

According to the Seattle Times article 72% of Portland’s population is white. Just last week I had a Portlander in my office surprised and seemingly offended when I suggested that Portland was not diverse at all. It turns out the numbers agree with me.

Moving here from Washington, D.C. we had correct expectations that diversity in the Northwest was more psychological rather than actual but now the numbers have me thinking of how we can raise our daughter to recognize and appreciate diversity. And from a church perspective, how do we build a Biblical community where all are welcome and Christ is glorified in our diversity…

This is the challenge of the Northwest I suppose.

One Comment

  1. I know, I know you plan to never move to Omaha, but we do have one of the most diverse congregations anywhere – at least by the stats. Omaha is also very diverse….kind of a “middle of the country melting pot”. We have the largest Sudanese and Vietnamese populations in the country – interesting.


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