The Word of God in Your Language

We take it for granted – an English translation of the bible. We even have several different ones. But how would we respond if we were without this word – if we only heard the stories through others and could not read them for ourselves. I can’t even imagine.

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  1. Shradar,

    I was in Australia a couple years ago and started talking to an aboriginal who was showing off some of his tribe’s art. After we talked a bit, he started sharing the Gospel with me. After confirming the essentials, I told him we worshipped the same God. He pulled out some art of his that had been passed down many generations. This art included the feeding of the 5,000, new creation through Christ, believers in heaven and others. He told me that when the British landed they started trying to share their Bibles with his forefathers only to discover that they already knew many of the stories in the Bible. It was a powerful story of how God’s Word goes out and is not limited by ink, paper and languages. I agree, we are blessed – more than we realize – to have the Scriptures in written, readable form but am also reminded of His grace and mercy in teaching us through the spirit.


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