One of the bonuses of being in seminary is that on occasion a course requires that I take a “retreat” or a time of solitude to seek God for direction and rest. Yesterday I took a couple of hours and found a spot in a local park to sit and pray and read.

I think I learned a lot from the time (after all  I have to write a paper about it) but the key take away that I can share here came as a realization of my temperature.

To get to the park bench I had determined to be my retreat spot, you much climb a hill using ancient and narrow stairs. I can’t do the distance justice but even a fit person would be winded after climbing these stairs. Because of the ascent I was physically warm. The activity heated me up and sustained me for some time. But the sun eventually faded and a chill set in at the park and I found myself getting cooler and cooler.

If I view this through a filter of the spiritual I can see that the ascent is what gives me the “temperature”. Perhaps I can call this prayer or spiritual disciplines or fellowship. This is the activity of my faith and where I am energized. As I stay still, avoiding the word or just going through the motions of life without an ascent to God, my faith gets cold and I might seek warmth from places and things that are not appropriate.

How are you ascending and how can we resolve to be people of ascent – maintaining our spiritual temperature for God’s glory…

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