Community for community sake

Maybe I have had group life all wrong up until now. I have seen it as a place to create community for believers, to be a resource of love and accountability. Small groups were about the challenge to be godly and study together. My view was community for community sake. But should that change?

We won’t be the community we read about in Acts unless our purpose is mission. The first Christians had community because there were needs to be met and a gospel to be preached. Their drive was not fellowship and bonding with one another, instead it was about seeing others come to a knowledge and belief in Christ.

I won’t even ask if we should be able to double-track community (some for mission some for community forming etc) because I don’t think biblical community can be formed outside of mission. A sermon this week reminded me of this challenge (a challenge the church I was part of in D.C. wrestled with a couple of summers ago).

The gospel doesn’t call for deep roots of community (does it?) it calls for deep roots in Christ and a relentless mission of sharing him. We spend a lot of time claiming the world would be better if the “church” was on mission but just imagine if our small groups were…

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