Whom we are meant to fight…

Especially in the blogosphere, Christians are more and more
confused as to whom they are in battle with. Sadly, we determine to
war with each other over issues not always essential and neglect
the war on sin in our own lives. If we are to be part of widespread
revival and renewal, we must be champions of stopping this trend.
“With whom is the Christian soldier meant to fight? Not with other
Christians. Wretched indeed is that man’s idea of religion who
fancies that it consists in perpetual controversy! He who is never
satisfied unless he is engaged in some strife between church and
church, chapel and chapel, sect and sect, faction and faction,
party and party, knows nothing yet as he ought to know… But as a
general rule, the cause of sin is never so much helped as when
Christians waste their strength in quarreling with one another and
spend their time in petty squabbles.” J.C. Ryle in
Holiness. The world, our flesh and Satan are
our true enemies. Let us remember this as we wage into the
theological fray…


  1. Just wanted to drop in and say it’s nice to see guy living in Portland, Oregon who’s from the east coast, who is bald and sports a goatee. LOL!

    I’m originally from Connecticut and have been in Portland for a decade. I married an Oregonian, and three kids later, this (Gresham, OR) is my home (can’t go back to frigid winters and sticky summers!).

    Keep up the insightful posts bro!


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