New Year, Liturgical Year?

Since we are already behind in the liturgical year it is unlikely that I will be adapting my life to recognize the feasts and seasons of such a calendar but in the process of defining our faith I think it is important to look beyond our upbringing and evaluate how others are working out their faith.

In this process I am always willing to accept a free book and share my thoughts on it as I am doing here. The kind folks at Thomas Nelson have given me a copy of Joan Chittister’s The Liturgical Year to review. While I did not agree with all of Chittister’s assumptions on the definition of a Christian I appreciated the book for the look it gives into the importance of the liturgical calendar for so many.

Chittister writes from a Catholic perspective as that is her embraced method of Christianity and the environment in which her vocational life plays out. I would not describe the book as a definitive guide on the liturgical calendar but instead a look into the heart of why millions of faithful Christians find it vitally important to their faith.

Surely protestants can learn from the seasons of the liturgical calendar and be more contemplative in recognition of what Christ has accomplished on the cross. Most of might feel as if we are stuck in a never-ending “ordinary” time but alas, Easter does come and the defining moment of Christianity can be realized.

The Liturgical Year is a light read with interesting insight and an honest account of the importance of the calendar to some in our midst.

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