Reclaiming Charismata…

I am coming off of a week of some great conversations about the Charismatic movement and have launched myself into a fuller study of what it would mean for a new generation of leaders to “reclaim” Charismatic expression and pair it with solid biblical theology and teaching.

Roger Olsen’s comments are getting a lot of attention from those closer to his own ascribed Arminian leanings. But I wonder how this looks mingled with more Reformed theology. Groups like Sovereign Grace and New Frontiers are merging what some would see as two opposites but times are changing and thinking is shifting.

Our goal is not to see a movement gain credibility or start to exclude impostors among them, but instead that people would realize what Christ has done for them and pursue him. I might lose Reformed points for believing that God desires for everyone to be saved to it is toward this goal that I wonder how we can reclaim the Charismata of Paul and the first century church.

Onward to finding the answers…

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