Spiritual Maturity Charity

As we grow in maturity we also become charitable out of response to the charity we receive from Christ. While our faith alone is what secures our salvation, we recognize a call to service and let that play out in our lives. While to some extent this is fulfilled in how we live in community (tithing, caring for other believers) it also takes from in how we interact with our neighbors.

This characteristic is where the most opportunities for living and sharing the gospel take place. Charity brings us outside of our cloisters and into the world around us. We share the provision God has given and most importantly sacrifice our time to those in need. This comes with the maturity that we know we have something to share (gospel) and something to give (love). Our charity is vast and noticeable to those around us, but not for our glory, it is solely in response to the cross and our faith giving God the glory.

One Comment

  1. These posts have been very good the last 3 days – I’ve looked forward to each one and benefited from them. Very timely within this holiday season as it places our focus on the right things. Will look forward to tomorrow – though perseverance often is not my strong suit…..


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