Spiritual Maturity Humility

As we mature we do so in humility. This next characteristic is central to our growth and the virtues of Christianity. While we grow in knowledge and influence we take a reverse path from our culture, we become humbled by our experience instead of arrogant in it. We recognize our depravity and need for a savior. This brings us to our knees as we evaluate how Christ worked on the cross and we sustain a posture of humility because of it. We simply can’t live a prideful existence once we embrace the cross how what it is. We deserved the suffering, the ridicule and wrath, but someone else took our place and we are humbled in Christ’s presence.

Humility in function is not misplaced lowliness, but fully understood grace. We respond to others and those in opposition to us with a measure of the grace we have received. We are slow to anger and quick to resolution. In maturity we also embrace a humble orthodoxy that allows us to interact with divergent views even within the faith with grace and mercy. We don’t have the exclusive answers to issues and we rarely respond with negativity when we do hold fast to certain beliefs. As mature Christians we strive for humility to be an example for others and a testament of Christ’s work to our culture.

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