Spiritual Maturity Holistic Pursuit

Called first to repentance then belief we find ourselves “Christian” and need to build from our conversion to maturity in the faith. This first characteristic of maturity is holistic pursuit. This is the all encompassing and primary pursuit of the things of God. Our first endeavor must be to seek God’s revelation in scripture. This fervent study of scripture must impact our lives and guide how we behave. Scriptural study is not the end of this holistic pursuit though.

Our affections turn from idolatry, the pursuit of other things, to solely pursuing our faith in expressions of community, discipleship and growth. We never settle for gained knowledge, we always want to know more of God and the more we learn the more we long to learn more. The mature Christian has realized they have not “arrived” at perfection yet. They turn this realization into fuel for building biblical community in a church. Actively participating in the “bride of Christ” is vital and in maturity we open ourselves up to accountability and challenge within this community. Rather than an exclusive social outlet, our investment in community is for the glory of God not our own comfort. In maturity we also pour out what we have learned through discipleship. We are willing to bring others along for the ride of our holistic pursuit and we lovingly guide them through what we have achieved in the faith. Community and discipleship is all undertaken not as an end but a means to further growth in Christ. We do all this with everything we are, this is the holistic pursuit.

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