Spiritual Maturity

Like no time in the history of Christianity are we more prepared to define spiritual maturity. After all, generations of believers have come before us and set out an example. But despite our level of Christian “experience” that maturity for which we all long remains at times elusive and ill defined. My attempt over the next few days will not be to define spiritual maturity for all of Christendom but rather evaluate how it might function in my life and perhaps for others in our modern context.

For this short series I am generally defining maturity by four characteristics; holistic pursuit, humility, charity, and perseverance. Each of these play out in unique ways in our lives, and this list is by no means exhaustive but I believe they provide the best initial filter to judge our own spiritual maturity.

Join me over the next four days as we unpack these characteristics and please interact with the thoughts and express how you might define spiritual maturity.


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