I have seven papers I am attempting to finish this weekend and a book to read along with tons of scripture to tackle. But I am thankful for the opportunity to be in school and I am thankful for those around me supporting and loving me. For your pleasure I give you Will Maupin.

For fruitful vines and ample yields

From broad expanse of fertile fields,

For love along the way;

For guiding hand and gracious smile

To cheer us through each weary mile;

For peace amidst world’s war alarm,

For love that shelters from all harm;

We bow, our tributes now to pay

To Thee, this glad Thanksgiving day!


For clasping hands of friends so true,

For bright sunshine and skies of blue,

For happy childhood’s play;

For home to which our footsteps turn,

For welcome where the home lights burn;

For smiles that welcome at the door

When work is done and day is o’er.

We gather ’round Thy throne to lay

Our tributes this Thanksgiving day!


For all the good that comes to bless;

For help in seasons of distress

When clouds are drab and gray;

For all Thy many blessings great

Bestowed upon our well-loved state –

To Thee we lift our joyful songs,

While happy hearts the sound prolongs,

And thank Thee, Lord, and humbly pray

Thy favor this Thanksgiving day!

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