It is all in the application…

The semester is quickly coming to an end and I am powering through papers and reading over the next few weeks. But today as I studied Colossians 2 I am struck by the need for applying scripture to our lives. Sure we read it and stand on the feel good truths but how steadfast are we in taking the truths revealed and actually living them out.

The text I was reflecting on essentially held that in Christ we are forever changed. Our old lives and flesh have been removed and we are new in Christ as we repent and believe in him. But life is still messy and sinful (at least mine is) so we neglect this truth and wallow most of the time. What would it look like to live this truth of change boldly today? No captivity to sin, freedom to enjoy God. Maybe we would look less at ourselves and love those around us.

The application could play out in any number of ways but I want to be about doing it not just preaching it. Here is to a life of application…

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