A few years ago I promised Stacy that I would dedicate every book I write to her. But I haven’t written any books yet so I thought I would write an acknowledgement here so you the reader might fully know where my inspiration and correction most often comes from outside of the Holy Spirit!

Stacy is the one willing to take risks and step out of security and success into a life of ministry and service. It hasn’t been, and won’t be, easy but she has provided an example of grace and perseverance for the women around her and for me as I attempt to lead my family. She is willing to tell me when I am wrong or when I need to spend more time in study on a particular subject and she reminds me why it is good to be in community.

Not only is Stacy a great partner she is a diligent and faithful mother. Even on the longest day of screaming toddler or dirty house she maintains composure. The couch can be a delightful friend for her after a full day and I gladly get to be the guy sitting next to her.

I am thinking of interviewing Stacy weekly for the blog but I realize she might object so for now you have to visit her site to gain the insight!

Stacy makes me who I am and without her I would be foolish, misguided and terribly lonely. Thank you Stacy for being my partner and may you be blessed knowing that I could never truly give you the acknowledgement you deserve.

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