Watch your tone…

Donald Miller is telling the story of light criticism he received over twitter before a recent performance. And while the story and Miller’s reaction to the quasi-criticism was interesting in itself, he uses it to launch into a discussion of what he sees as arrogance among one and perhaps many, “white young man in his early twenties.”

I spend all day thinking and talking about theology and I get what Miller is saying. Our comfort with criticism of things unknown, authors we have not read, preacher we have not heard, is unsettling. I personally get most frustrated when I read and hear some of the things out there! We do though need to function in as much grace as we have received. There is clearly a place for confronting wrong, or heretical theology but perhaps your blog is not the place for it.

Miller labels the young man in his story as one struggling for identity and with that he has answered the question of humanity’s sin, mine and even Miller’s. We long to be clearly identified and neglect our identity in Christ alone. I pray we can learn to recognize this tendency when it arises and put it away in pursuit of a right identity in the wake of Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Miller ends with a good point worth repeating here: “When we are young or immature, right theology makes us feel superior, but when we are older and more mature, a study of theology makes us feel inferior and unworthy, undeserved, and grateful.” I would suggest that age has nothing to do with it. Maturity here is in the faith. Just because you are 40 we can not assume you are mature. But as we grow in our knowledge of God there should be a humbling and graciousness about us. Here is to pursuing that.


  1. I’m a FedEx courier here in Portland, Oregon. I try to deliver Don’s packages all the time in Southeast Portland…the guy is seemingly never home. I assume he’s either sleeping or just a real busy guy. LOL!


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