Atonement Old and New

Thoughts on atonement in scripture:

“Looking at the OT treatment of atonement we see that blood is required and that it is a reoccurring sacrifice, once is not enough and as sins happen so must new atonement. This establishes the holiness or complete otherness of God. We see that priests have to be pure before serving in the temple and atonement is seen as a weighty task not to be minimized. But the Psalmists begin to gives us a glimpse of God Himself providing atonement for the sins of the people and in Isaiah we have one of the more stunning prophecies of just how that will happen. This provides great hope for what is to come.

“The grand shift happens in the NT though as Christ is raised on a cross as the final sacrifice for sin. This sacrifice was sovereignly destined by God and covers all the sins of those that believe in Him providing a permanent atonement, one fully sufficient to allow His people to come before His righteousness. Rather than a yearly covering for some people, this atonement was significant enough to be final for all people.”


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