Sufficiency of Christ

Over the past three months I have been studying Numbers 11 and the implications of the story of the quail and the plague. When a class assigned an in-depth study of a singular story in scripture I at first chose this one because I had a grudge against a pastor that used the story in a way that I could not think possible after an honest reading of the complete text.

I still hold fast to the proper treatment of scripture but through this study I have realized my own pride as a reflection of Israel’s in the story. I demanded more of God. I wanted to be proved right. And in the midst of this all I have learned to embrace the sufficiency of Christ. I have learned to recognize places in my life where I have rejected the provision of God and refused to accept his sufficiency. I have been caught red-handed by my own study as I attempt life and ministry un my own self-sufficiency alone and by doing so denying Jesus. “The spirituality of self-sufficiency, the attitude of “everything depends on me” bears no resemblance to the gospel of Jesus Christ” (Brennan Manning).

I do not want to seek Christ because he has provided me a meal (loaves and fishes) but because his work and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit has covered me in grace and ransomed me in spite of my sin.

In Numbers the people denied God and ask for more than His provision. In response he gave them what they asked for and then they died “while the meat was still between their teeth.” Might we be satisfied by God’s provision of Christ and dwell in that sufficiency and new life.

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