The Coming Monarchy

Election day in the U.S. I could come up with reasons why Christians should vote or why blatant civic duty demands we participate. But not today.  I have spent the last couple of years telling myself that I am no longer a political person – and removing the profession goes a long way – but I can be passionate and am easily stirred by the banter. But today I am looking forward to tomorrow with hope of regular consumerism drenched commercials on television and the return to “sanity” as some might jokingly say.

In the midst of this hope though is the realization of the finality of political systems and debates, polling places and parties. There is upon us a new kingdom in a new city governed with justice and mercy and eternality. We are guaranteed a reign of permanence from our sovereign and there will be no challenge to his authority or debating his decisions. Peace will be the norm and longevity an understatement. Christ will sit at the head of all rule and authority as he does today yet in person lighting our existence with his radiance extinguishing the need for a sun or energy outside of him.

This is the monarchy I long for, exist in and expect. You can have your politics, and you should participate but not for one second should we hold hope in it for finality or completion. That role only belongs to our Lord, the author and finisher or our faith and our foundation.

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