Welcome to modern culture. Do what you feel like and don’t worry about it. Regret is word that is near extinction and by no means would we repent for our choices and actions. The Christian though lives with different parameters within this culture and repentance is central to our embrace of Jesus.

Finishing a book on the virtues of Christ I am being challenged to grow in likeness with him and of course I attempt humility and fortitude and a number of godly virtues but the basis for living is this virtuous life is repentance.

God went quiet. He stopped speaking to his people for over 400 years. Not. A. Single. Word. Then a prophet appears in the desert and brings a fresh word from God to a thirsty people longing to know their God again. The first word? “Repent.” John the Baptist was empowered by God to prepare the way for the Messiah and he begins with repentance. Repentance for disobedience and turning from God. Repentance for seeking out our own pleasures and purposes. Repentance for the filth of our lives. We are called to repent ahead of Christ’s ministry but the call does not end with his arrival.

Even against the backdrop of miracles and deeds of compassion the way to salvation laid our by Jesus himself is to “repent and believe.” The Gospel is wrapped in repentance.

I do not live a life of penitence but I desire to. It is far too easy to give repentance a slight consideration because of course I want to have only blessing. Where have I placed appearances over repentance? Where have I sought my personal pride over personal penitence? If I am to truly live out to the Gospel I must start at repentance – constantly. No deeds. No efforts. No sermons will save me. It is my repentance that allows me to believe and be saved.


  1. Totally agree with the point of the blog which is repentance. However, where do you put Judas Maccabeus and the Maccabean Revolt in that “silent” period of 400 years? God was stirring in the hearts of his people pre-John the Baptist.


  2. Jeremy – I am looking at it from the perspective of prophetic voice, while restoration of worship in the temple is important it relied on previous prophetic words…

    Regardless of the distance of time or those functioning in that period, God speaks to His people and He most often starts with a call to repentance.


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