Ethically Speaking

I have typed the last period on a paper for my Ethical Maturity class and find it troubling that I had such a frustrating time articulating my positions.

Ten years ago my ethical system would have been summed up in just one line:

I do what I want when I want for no reason at all.

Thankfully through salvation and a desire to live in the grace of the Gospel I have changed a bit! The conclusion of my six pages of argument goes something like this:

All of this though sends us back to one of the first assumptions of this paper – that we are sinful in our very nature and that sin will color all of our attempts toward morality or right and wrong. I recognize this in my own life as the desire to do right does not always translate into acting right. This sin even colors the way in which we create ethical systems and renders us, myself in particular, inarticulate in the explanation of such a system. This is not defeat however but fuel for a Gospel orientation in our lives; the recognition of a sovereign creator God, man’s sinful nature, God’s work of redemption through Christ alone and new life in him. I may shade my motivations under sin but only Christ’s perfect nature can override my inability to achieve the holy right consistently. This “Gospel orientation” then is one that stands at the center of the ethical system I am attempting to live out. The goal is Christ alone and everything – every thought, action and consequence should flow from that. It all may be tainted by sin but in completion it is truly the great reward.

One step closer to being ethical perhaps…

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