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I am still on a book-buying-fast but I can’t wait to read Radical from David Platt. So challenged by the premise of this book and the ramification that truly following Jesus has on our lives…

One thought on “Radical…

  1. Found your profile on LinkedIn while poking around looking for groups of evanglicals. I like the concept of your group, but regret that as a recruiter, I can’t give up a group with thousands of members to join a 5 person group.

    I’m not familiar with “Radical.” Will have to look it up.
    I’m terrible about getting part way through a book and getting distracted, even if it’s a great book! (ADD) Unfortunately, I have done that with “The Hole In Our Gospel” and am determined to go back to it. Have also heard good/daunting things about “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan.

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