Love DC: FroYo

While FroYo has not been around long, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in DC. You attack a bar of frozen yogurt ranging in flavor from “birthday cake” to traditional standbys like chocolate and vanilla. Then you hit the toppings bar sprinkling on your favorite cereals, pieces of candy bars or fruit.

All of this goodness costs you 39 cents an ounce and we have determined that if you dish is more than $4, you might have a problem… (for the record I had one serving that hit $5 but I clearly have a problem!)

And while most people would just stop there with the yogurt, topping goodness you don’t want to pass up the free hot fudge. Yes you read that right, FREE HOT FUDGE. So technically you could get an ounce of yogurt and fill the rest of the cup with hot fudge. Actually not a bad idea and economically sensible.

I have another couple of months to enjoy as much FroYo as I can (averaging a few visits a week at this point) and I plan to share it with as many people as I can!

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