Love DC: Crisis Mode

Okay so maybe I don’t really “love” this about DC but it is something that I will remember with some level of comical fondness. It is “Crisis Mode,” the even constant state of panic as if the current issue being dealt with is the most challenging or life changing issue we will ever deal with.

This constant state of panic or crisis honestly wastes an immense amount of energy and fully negates any opportunity to creatively approach critical issues an organization (often political) may address.

Thankfully, in my current role most of the team manages pretty well and we rarely have moments of crisis outside of real, lives-in-the-balance, drama. But in six years of working my way through political and governmental sectors, I have had my share of “crisis mode” colleagues and bosses (you know who you are!) Thankfully, I have for the most part been able to avoid the lure of panic in the workplace. I think it offends some people but I don’t think I can live any other way. The issues we might face in our work places (with the exception of war zones etc) are not life threatening and we just need to work through them, not freak out about them.

So DC, stay in crisis if you wish. But really you should just relax!

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