Our Amnesia

“We first come to God confessing that we cannot save ourselves – only Jesus can save us, and only by his cross. However, as we follow God we sometimes try to serve him in our own strength. We suffer from a kind of spiritual amnesia, forgetting that it is only by God’s grace that we […]

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The Church as Redemptive Force

“To be a truly redemptive force, the church needs the commitment of its individual members – those who shape their lives around its rhythms and calendar, who restrict their options in choose instead to serve the bride of Christ.” “The small commitment of regular attendance grows into the commitment of loving brothers and sisters in […]

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Weep With Me

Yesterday I preached on Exodus 5, the struggle is real but God is still good. Life can be hard, difficulty will come. But we have hope in Christ and a place to turn in our pain. We can raise a lament knowing we will be heard and cared for. Here is a timely new song […]

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